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Jamie Cruz and Michael Walver are the fitness experts behind the effective weight training workouts at Boomer Body Fitness.
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Meet Our Abdominal Strengthening and Fitness Experts

Jamie Cruz is clearly an expert in abdominal strengthening
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Michael Walver -  M.S., CSCS, ACE-CPT
Michael attended Western Illinois University and received a Masters degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sports and Exercise Psychology. Michael has also been an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer since 1996. He has helped people of all age groups improve their health and fitness. In 2009 he co-founded Boomer Body Fitness to target health and fitness programs for the baby boomer population.
Jamie Cruz – ACE-CPT, Director of Boomer Body Fitness and a Baby Boomer.  Jamie’s passion for fitness originates as a former CEO of a Medical Support Service Company to the Department of Defense. Jamie has had a front row view on what years of a bad diet, lack of exercise and a poor life style does to a body. Jamie embarked on a mission to identify these problems and created programs to make the Baby Boomer Generation healthier, happier, successful and sexier. Featured on a Travel Channel realty show as a Baby Boomer Fitness Specialist, Jamie is a motivator and inspiration to millions of Baby Boomers who want to be fit and bring their sexy back.
Try Boomer Body Fitness today and see how Jamie and Michael can help you feel better through cardiovascular exercise, muscle toning and abdominal strengthening.